Technology Overview


Innovascreen's Fusogenix liposomes are unique because they deliver therapeutic compounds directly to the cytoplasm. Current liposome technologies rely on fusion inducing lipids or peptides that lead to liposome disruption rather than liposome cell fusion. This can lead to systemic dispersion of the drug or alternatively, uptake into endosomes which results in significant drug degradation. Our Fusogenix system is based on a fusion-associated small transmembrane (FAST) reovirus protein. The reovirus FAST proteins mediate efficient liposome-cell fusion, bypassing the degradative endocytic entry pathway and releasing their contents directly into the cytoplasm.

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The Avian System for Evaluating Therapeutics (ASET) Platform

A wide range of in vitro assays can be used to study individual aspects of an experimental drug. However, these assays cannot accurately model the complexity of an animal study. Mouse models are widely used for preclinical evaluation of compounds but these studies are expensive, of long duration, and highly variable.

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