Corporate Profile

Innovascreen was founded by John Lewis and Andries Zijlstra in 2005 as a preclinical CRO offering a breakthrough in vivo platform of analytical services for oncology. The company has since focused on developing its own R&D pipeline of promising early-stage technologies. At the forefront of these technologies is our Fusogenix drug delivery platform. Fusogenix liposomes contain a patented technology that gives them the ability to rapidly fuse with target cells, mixing its entire contents with the interior of the cell. The result, a therapeutic cargo is not only delivered intact, but the drug is deposited directly into the cytoplasm, driving the maximum therapeutic effect.

Innovascreen also offers the Avian System for Evaluating Therapeutics (ASET) Platform, a full suite of anti-cancer testing services performed in a proprietary in vivo animal model. This includes robust, quantitative screening platforms for angiogenesis and oncology integrated with powerful imaging technology. Together they deliver stunning results with statistical validation that provides a high level of confidence in the performance of drug candidates. Using the ASET Platform, Innovascreen is developing and validating a panel of proprietary compounds for out-licensing to the Pharmaceutical industry.

Innovascreen is an ideal partner for any Pharmaceutical or Biotech company engaged in early-stage research and development of novel therapeutics. With two complementary platforms, Innovascreen has the tools to accelerate an important stage of the drug development process. Whether combined with internal programs or partnered with external compounds, these platforms have the opportunity to add significant value to preclinical therapeutic opportunities.

Innovascreen offers:

  1. Blockbuster partnering potential from the Fusogenix platform
  2. The solution for generating compelling data quickly for proprietary compounds and for partners with libraries of drug candidates requiring preclinical validation
  3. Revenue generation through ASET Platform partnerships