Business Model

Innovascreen develops proprietary life sciences technologies and is working to leverage their full potential.

  1. Innovascreen is developing the Fusogenix platform for delivery of compounds directly into the cytoplasm, first focusing on siRNA. This platform is available for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  2. Innovascreen’s Avian System for Evaluating Therapeutics (ASET) Platform is used to screen libraries of compounds for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to identify the “best of class opportunities.”
  3. Building on recent partnering success, Innovascreen will continue to identify promising compounds discovered at academic institutions and small biotechnology companies that are available for in-licensing and other collaborations. These compounds will be evaluated using our ASET Platform, identifying the winners and eliminating the losers faster, better and cheaper than with standard preclinical methods. The validated compounds will then be presented to pharmaceutical and biotech companies for outlicensing, creating important future revenue streams.